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The Diversion in Guayama extends to its delicious and varied gastronomy; either in its urban area, as well as its coast and mountains.

Se destacan varias rutas gastronómicas que deleitan el paladar de todos sus visitantes, y promueven diversos tipos de sabrosa gastronomía, tales como : la criolla, la mejicana, la internacional, la italiana, entre muchas otras. Muchos de ellos se especializan en mofóngos, sancochos, carnes al BBQ, pescado y mariscos frescos...

Several gastronomic routes stand out because enchant the palate of all its visitors and promote various types of tasty gastronomy, such as: Spanish, Mexican, international, Italian, among many others. Many of them specialize in “mofongos”, stews, BBQ meat and fresh seafood. Guayama also has the Fish Route (La Ruta del Pescao), administered by the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico, which originates in the coastline neighborhood of Pozuelo. There you will find the best and freshest fish and seafood in the area. The fun continues when you enjoy the fritters and the largest turnovers of Puerto Rico filled with a wide variety of delicacies. You will also find a large variety of plates made with the most tender and delicious meat

The culinary fun strongly complements cultural and sports entertainment. Every month there is something new and entertaining in Guayama to enjoy, such as: festivals, cultural activities, carnivals, contests and sports competitions, patron day festivities, excursions and tours, “Las Noches de Encanto”, its beaches and coastline, its mountains, forests and lakes, among many others.

¡Guayama is full of taste and Fun!

These are some of the attractions for those looking for Taste and Fun: